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Lesbian Song

This song is by Sarah Silverman.

This is a song for a real special girl I met

I said, I wanna harvest our eggs for a while
Make love with you Caesar style
And make a brand new world

With you, with you, my friend
My partner in crime
We've done our time on Maple Drive

And I thought about it and I read about it
And I sang about it and I've skated once
At Rockefeller Center

That was off the topic
But it was really fun
For any kind of person
Skating is fun

Whether you gay or straight
Or black or white or Asian
But just those five, just those five kinds of people
Your hair blows in the wind of my mind

Well, I went to see the doctor of philosophy
Man, what are you doing here?
You lesbian

And I said, hey, man
You call me just what you want
'Cause I'm me and she is she
And we're us

Written by:

Michael Kotch; Sarah Silverman

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