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Believe In Dreams, Pt. 2

This song is by Sarah Silverman.

Oh, it's happening again, I can't believe it
Oh, hey, tooth, ooh, sorry I blew your brains out
Don't worry about it
Look, the best way to stop wetting your bed
Is to not drink any liquid after 6 p.m
Not any liquids?
Nope, not even milk
Milk, what's milk?

So you really didn't know what I was saying before
Look, you said milk, I don't know what milk is
Maybe it's a new energy drink
And there's just no way that you thought
I was referring to the white liquid
That you put on your cereal that comes out of a cow?
Doug, that is enough
No problem

Just me and Doug
Have to wall to have pug
Just me and you
Half monkey, half Jew
And if you wanna look

Well, stop singing
Just concentrating on driving that little submarine
You obviously can't concentrate on both
The spring has snapped


Written by:

Eric Falconer; Chris Romano

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