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Down On Love

This song is by Sarah Blasko and appears on the album As Day Follows Night (2009).

Lately you've been down on luck
Crying out to the man above
I believe in miracles
But a miracle you can't control

You Gotta find the strength inside to lead you out of here
One step guides another till the way becomes clear

Lately you've been down on love
You believe that it's a poisoned cup
Love it takes a leap of faith
And faith will guide you all your days

All your life you've waited for someone to understand
To wake you up and speak your name and take you by the hand

How'd you lose your faith in life
That brought you to your knees tonight
I believe in answered prayers
But the answers are found everywhere
So open up your windows and unlock the doors
Hear them whispered in the night down cold lonely halls


Written by:

Sarah Blasko

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