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Without a Word

This song is by Sara Watkins and appears on the album Young in All the Wrong Ways (2016).

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Trying to back off, trying to lay low
Giving you time to read the stars
Trying to wait for something you don't know
To show you where you are

Where you are
Where you are
Where you are

It's been so long now, I know I should forget you
That I ought to let it lie
But I'm bound to wonder all about you
No matter how I try

There you are
There you are
There you are

First a knock and then a crash
And a staggering conviction that I might not catch up
Like all the colors running down a portrait
And now it looks nothing the one I fell in love with

I thought I could write you right out of my story
When all the clear lines blurred
But I still want you to show up
Yeah, I hope you'll just roll through
After all these years without a word

Without a word
Without a word
Without a word


Written by:

Sara Watkins / Gabe Witcher Wikipedia16

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