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​Lock & Key

This song is by Sara Watkins and appears on the album Sun Midnight Sun (2012).

In long ride of early age life
In the summer heat he ask me to be his wife
You say dig my hand for the rest of my life
I'll be at your side
You and me in the buyin bike

You said long have you been
The song keeps blushin... clue
So let the wind with the green grass in the deep
My love for you runs through and through
Forever can I come too soon

The summer love and came November clouds
Wait all that fall into the ground
Waiting for the sun to come back around
I'm meant to lift in my ...down
I'm lost but winter's found

Good times they came in one way
Buying by we began afraid
And it was clear to see he had swing
That first summer seemed so far away
But I'm still here and not afraid

So win with the green... do
Forever is burning out of you
My eye and skin still do
My love for you goes through and through
Is that my hair and any set it free
Still got my heart in a way for me
I can walk away I won't let it be
My love is under lock and key
My love is under lock and key
My love is under lock and key

Written by:

Jenny Anne Mannan, Blake Mills, Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins