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This song is by Sara Watkins and appears on the album Young in All the Wrong Ways (2016).

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The invisible hurts the most
It pulls the space between
Untethered when I never hoped to be

We're living with each other
Looking down to not give up
But I don't wanna be without your love

When we were young and truth was absolute
We stood side by side defending what we knew
Today we walk together, but one's ahead and one's behind
And if there's an answer here then I am blind
Neither you nor I can see a right side this time

Faith in us, it held me up
When I had all I could take
Now all that I held onto is at stake
Has it all been a delusion?
Endless hoping for the best
Or is there a tie that binds beyond this test

I don't wanna be a weak one holding on to not let go
Calling out 'cause I don't want to be alone
And I'm not looking for an easy way
I'm looking for the truth
And there's always been a joy that's got me through
It would be hard to leave the joy that got me through

So I'll continue down this way
Though I can't say where it will lead
'Cause I know that that's what you would want from me
Yeah, I know that that's what you would want from me


Written by:

Sara Watkins

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