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Shortstop (1990)Edit

Sara Hickman - Shortstop
  1. In The Fields
  2. Shortstop
  3. Aurora
  4. I Couldn't Help Myself
  5. If We Sent Our Hearts Over Now
  6. Very Thing
  7. Salvador
  8. Don't Give Up
  9. Too Fast
  10. Claim On My Heart
  11. Take It Like A Man
  12. Bonus Track

Misfits (1997)Edit

Sara Hickman - Misfits
  1. Cesar Stasney Introduction
  2. Strong Woman
  3. Dumptruck
  4. Secrets Of Love II
  5. Baby, It's Cold Outside
  6. Everyone's Gone To The Moon
  7. Nobody Goes To The Moon Anymore
  8. Satin Sheets For Alice
  9. Rosie's Theme
  10. Let Me Take Your Picture
  11. Hey! Where You Goin'?
  12. Grandma's Featherbed
  13. False Pretenses
  14. I Want To Go Swimming In Your Eyes
  15. Zippity Doo-Dah
  16. I Think I Love You
  17. Take Me With You
  18. Romania
  19. Like A Collar On A Dog
  20. Radiation Man

Two Kinds Of Laughter (1998)Edit

Sara Hickman - Two Kinds of Laughter
Two Kinds of Laughter
  1. Two Kinds Of Laughter
  2. Take Whatever I Can Get
  3. I Wear The Crown
  4. Coolness By Mistake
  5. Eight
  6. Secret Family
  7. Look At It This Way
  8. Optimistic Fool
  9. One In Our Happiness
  10. E Cosi Desio Me Mena
  11. Comets Over Costa Rica
  12. Let Go

Songs from Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. A Woman Waiting To Happen
  2. Angels Among Us
  3. Bowl Full Of Stars
  4. Bowl Of Stars
  5. Chelsea Morning
  6. Come Around
  7. Dear Tracey
  8. Edward
  9. Everything's Red
  10. I Wish I Could Run
  11. I'm Not Going Anywhere
  12. Kerosene
  13. Life
  14. Moment Of Grace
  15. Simply
  16. Standing Ground
  17. The Very Thing
  18. You Are My Sunshine

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