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Mortal Art Of Blood

This song is by Sanguis and appears on the EP Mortal Art Of Blood (2000).

Quintessence of life
The liquid red inside
Burn through the inner self
Fascination crimson tears
Myths told about the human wine
Like dream in a foggy past
Secrets transcends into singularity
The voice inside are singing
Equilibrium is lurking from above
While vampyric pleasures opens gates

And as the shadow rises
Upon the blackened skin
The wisdom of millenniums
In a shallow cup of red

Mourning fills cosmos
In blasphemic emotions
Glorious its reigns
Throughout the times
Seas of thou art are forlorn into dust
A twilight whispering
Reigns in the deepest of all grounds
A dark conspiracy
Blessed with some elder blood
Cries of red the veins are open as I scream

This is the final ritual
In this cold and darkened world
United we stand in our MORTAL ART OF BLOOD

The illusion of life is now a reality of death

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