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I Decline

This song is by Sanguis and appears on the album Ascension (2008).

A glorious delusion
A monument of deceit
Created by oneself
The incarnation of achievement
Nothing but appearance
How foolish credulity can be
Illusions must fall
To the ashes!

I decline
I will not be subdued
I decline
I decline
These ways are not mine
I decline
I decline
I will not follow the paths of doubt
I decline and I will not resign myself

Overthrow the sacrosanct
Sense and emotions
Delusive they may be
And leading into loss
Enslaved by their possession
Bewildered and misguided
Chains that need to be broken
An eruption to await

So then which way to go?
Tear down all that was?
Burn down and rebuild?
Restart from nothing?

Free from distraction!
Free from constraint!

I decline
I will no longer be a slave
I decline
I decline
This self-inflicted daze
I decline
I decline
And I will prevail
I decline and I will not resign myself

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