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Father Belial

This song is by Sanguis and appears on the EP Mortal Art Of Blood (2000).

Facilis descnesus averno
Noctes atque dies patet,
Atri iuanna ditis

Damned since the ages, Banned from the day, Enter the night - Belial rise
Your legions alive, Bewitched by the light, night conquers day - Belial rise
Is it your voice, In my head, Father call me - Belial rise

I am thou

Mesmerize my soul
With your darkest crafts
Hypnotize me thou shall prevail
Come with the storms blow me away
On night winged fairies thou ride
Give me sign through the stars
And the freezing cosmic light
Let there be the chasm eternally
From this dark constellation
I fad the blackness away
Through the interstellar rain
As I scream

Levithan - Pass me thy legions
Sathanas - Ordeal my soul
Lucifer - Reinforce the night
Belial - Call my name

Lonesome and dead
Now I really understand
Dark galactical essence
Of being a transcendental light
Like a veil in the blackest see
Blood is my union in pride
Inheritance your honour
I'll never betray my ancestors
I am just a sulphur vision
Reincarnate me in your name
Enter the dusk in my heart
As I visualize

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