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Ad Infinitum

This song is by Sanguis and appears on the album Ascension (2008).

Archaic outbursts of wrath - signs of time past
The rage is transitory - the insight is eternal
The grandeur of ataraxia thrones above all
Destruction of a meaningless reality
What a waste of time

Looking back at a world in ashes
A world no longer mine
Nothing is left to mourn about
I shall walk the paths
That lead away from blindness
Away from the boundary called flesh

Seek not the end of what is
Seek the beginning of what will be
The curse of passion dismissed
Release - ad infinitum
Ad infinitum!


A new chapter has begun
The hatred is now gone
Not even pity is left for those straying
They shall be - I do not care
No disturbance will ever hinder me again
For I create my world
The gate is now open
I will not return!

Behold the ashes of the illusion
And reign in your kingdom
Embrace wisdom and ascend
Supremacy - ad infinitum
Ad infinitum!

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