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Don't Run Away With My Heart

This song is by Sandy & Junior and appears on the album Internacional (2002).

They say you should wait a while
But I fall every time you smile
They say it's all just a game
If that's true then I'll take the blame
'Cause I - I've got love on my mind
And I don't wanna let you go

Don't run away with my heart
I wanna fall in love not fall apart
Be careful what you do
'Cause I'm hooked on you
If you let me go
It would hurt me so

I've heard it so many times
They say you cannot believe the lines
But I've got nothing to lose baby
I'd rather break the rules
Than live a life all alone
'Cause I'm too afraid to fall

Make it all that I dreamed
Wanna feel everything
That love is supposed to be
Baby I wouldn't lie
It feels so good inside
Don't ever wanna say goodbye

Repeat chorus to fade

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