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For the first 15 years of her career, she used the stage name of Sandi Patti due to a printer's error, before correcting it to Sandi Patty.

Sandi's Song (1979)Edit

Sandi Patty - Sandi's Song

Sandi's Song

  1. Jesus Is My Love Song To You
  2. You're Such A Comfort To Me
  3. When I Need Him / Precious Lord, Take My Hand
  4. He'll Never Let You Down
  5. I Could Never Have Imagined
  6. You Never Gave Up On Me
  7. The Day He Wore My Crown
  8. It's All Right Now
  9. The Devil Is A Liar
  10. Sandi's Song (My Life Is A Song)

Love Overflowing (1981)Edit

Sandi Patty - Love Overflowing

Love Overflowing

  1. Down In My Heart
  2. Keeper Of The Well
  3. Love Overflowing
  4. So Far
  5. When The Time Comes
  6. The Home Of The Lord
  7. Somebody Believed
  8. In His Hand
  9. We Shall Behold Him
  10. I Will Praise Him

Lift Up The Lord (1982)Edit

Sandi Patty - Lift up the Lord

Lift up the Lord

  1. Lift Up The Lord
  2. How Majestic Is Your Name
  3. They Could Not
  4. Let Us Rejoice
  5. Jesus Lord To Me
  6. I Will Lift You There
  7. Let Him Hold Your Heart
  8. Yes, God Is Real
  9. Jesus, You're Everything
  10. Reprise: Jesus Lord To Me

More Than Wonderful (1983)Edit

Sandi Patty - More Than Wonderful

More Than Wonderful

  1. It's Your Song Lord
  2. How Majestic Is Your Name
  3. Dialogue
  4. In His Love
  5. Jesus Loves Me
  6. Upon This Rock
  7. Because Of Who You Are
  8. Dialogue
  9. My God Is Real
  10. Dialogue
  11. More Than Wonderful
  12. Dialogue
  13. When The Time Comes
  14. We Shall Behold Him

Songs From The Heart (1984)Edit

Sandi Patty - Songs From the Heart

Songs From the Heart

  1. Give Him The Glory
  2. Sing To The Lord
  3. We Will See Him As He Is
  4. Cradle Song
  5. Wonderful Lord
  6. Via Dolorosa
  7. Shine Down
  8. Pour On The Power
  9. Glorious Morning
  10. Purest Praise
  11. The Stage Is Bare / I Need Thee Every Hour

Hymns Just For You (1985)Edit

Sandi Patty - Hymns Just for You

Hymns Just for You

  1. It Is Well With My Soul
  2. Fairest Lord Jesus
  3. How Great Thou Art
  4. In The Garden
  5. The Old Rugged Cross
  6. The Lord's Prayer
  7. Amazing Grace
  8. To God Be The Glory
  9. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
  10. Sweet Hour Of Prayer

Morning Like This (1986)Edit

Sandi Patty - Morning Like This

Morning Like This

  1. Let There Be Praise
  2. Hosanna
  3. Unshakeable Kingdom
  4. Shepherd Of My Heart
  5. Love In Any Language
  6. King Of Glory
  7. Face To Faith
  8. Was It A Morning Like This?
  9. In The Name Of The Lord
  10. There Is A Savior

Make His Praise Glorious (1988)Edit

Sandi Patty - Make His Praise Glorious

Make His Praise Glorious

  1. Make His Praise Glorious
  2. Come Let's Worship Him
  3. No Other Name
  4. Almighty God
  5. Love Will Be Our Home
  6. Come Before Him
  7. Someone Up There Loves Me
  8. In Majesty He Will Come/Majesty
  9. In Heaven's Eyes
  10. In His Presence

The Finest Moments (1989)Edit

Sandi Patty - Finest Moments

Finest Moments

  1. How Majestic Is Your Name
  2. Exalt The Name
  3. In The Name Of The Lord
  4. The Day He Wore My Crown
  5. Pour On The Power
  6. They Could Not
  7. More Than Wonderful
  8. The Home Of The Lord
  9. How Great Thou Art
  10. Upon This Rock
  11. O Magnify The Lord
  12. Via Dolorosa
  13. We Shall Behold Him
  14. The Stage Is Bare

Sandi Patti And The Friendship Company (1989)Edit

Sandi Patty - Sandi Patti and the Friendship Company

Sandi Patti and the Friendship Company

  1. The Friendship Company
  2. Miracles Can Happen
  3. Masterpiece
  4. We're In This Thing Together
  5. That's The Love Of God
  6. Sandi's Sunday School Sing-A-Long
  7. The Miracle Of Jesus
  8. Beautiful Feet
  9. Love Makes A Friend Be A Friend Like You
  10. Forever Friends

Another Time... Another Place (1990)Edit

Sandi Patty - Another Time... Another Place

Another Time... Another Place

  1. Unto Us (Isaiah 9)
  2. Another Time, Another Place (duet with Wayne Watson)
  3. I Will Rejoice
  4. Unexpected Friends
  5. I'll Give You Peace
  6. For All The World
  7. Rejoice
  8. Willing To Wait
  9. I Lift My Hands
  10. Who Will Call Him King Of Kings
  11. O Calvary's Lamb

Le Voyage (1993)Edit

Sandi Patty - Le Voyage

Le Voyage

  1. Prologue
  2. Little Narrow Gate
  3. Home Will Find You
  4. Long Look
  5. Hand On My Shoulder
  6. All The Stars
  7. The Dilemma
  8. Forest Of Fears
  9. In The Tenderlands
  10. Unexpected Friends
  11. Theme From City Of Rest
  12. Love Can Open The Door
  13. No Place To Rest My Head

Find It On The Wings (1994)Edit

Sandi Patty - Find It on the Wings

Find It on the Wings

  1. Find It On The Wings
  2. Holy Lord / Carry On
  3. Make It 'Til Tomorrow
  4. When I Heal
  5. Where The Nails Were
  6. Build My World Around You
  7. If I Want To
  8. Safe Harbour
  9. God Is Walking Me Through
  10. Through The Eyes Of A Child
  11. Imagine (How God Can Sing)

Artist Of My Soul (1997)Edit

Sandi Patty - Artist Of My Soul

Artist Of My Soul

  1. Artist Of My Soul
  2. Always
  3. Breathe On Me
  4. You Love Me
  5. You Set Me Free
  6. Birds Still Dance
  7. You Alone
  8. Speechless
  9. I Will Sing The Wondrous Story
  10. Come To Me
  11. Doxology

Together (1999)Edit

Sandi Patty & Kathy Troccoli - Together


  1. Together (Wherever We Go)
  2. The Last Day
  3. Embraceable You
  4. A Foggy Day
  5. Come Rain Or Come Shine
  6. Summertime
  7. You Made Me Love You
  8. I Remember
  9. They Can't Take That Away From Me
  10. Trolley Song
  11. The Man I Love
  12. Over The Rainbow
  13. Get Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again

These Days (2000)Edit

Sandi Patty - These Days

These Days

  1. Wouldn't Trade It For The World
  2. Go Without Knowing
  3. Solo El Amor (Only Love)
  4. Shine
  5. Wings Of Peace
  6. Once And For All
  7. All This Time (Anna's Song)
  8. Candles
  9. One More Song For You
  10. These Are The Days
  11. In The Calm

Take Hold Of Christ (2003)Edit

Sandi Patty - Take Hold Of Christ

Take Hold Of Christ

  1. Wonderful One
  2. Fields Of Mercy
  3. Take Hold Of Christ
  4. Alleluia
  5. You Have Been So Good
  6. Mighty Is The Name Of The Lord
  7. How Beautiful
  8. Savior Came (When I Was Needy)
  9. The Heavens Are Telling
  10. The Majesty And Glory Of Your Name

Falling Forward (2007)Edit

Sandi Patty - Falling Forward

Falling Forward

  1. Made Me Glad
  2. Sing To The King
  3. Falling Forward
  4. Sweeter Medley
  5. Step Into The Joy
  6. In My Heart
  7. Found
  8. Sandi Medley
  9. You Call Me Yours
  10. Grace Flows Down

Other SongsEdit

  1. Carol Of The Bells
  2. Farther Along
  3. God Gave The Song
  4. He Looked Beyond My Fault
  5. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
  6. Por La Via Dolorosa (Spanish)
  7. Someday
  8. Star Of Bethlehem

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