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Never Said Goodbye

This song is by Sammy Hagar and appears on the compilation album This Is Sammy Hagar (2016).

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I never got to say goodbye
Now they're six feet outta sight
In my heart, I know they're all alright
They come see me in my sleep sometimes

Oh Mary, oh Mary, my sweet lady Jane
Let your sunshine light up to our dreams, oh yeah
I can still smell your rose in the wings
Angel, come see me tonight in my dreams

There was Robert, Gladys, William, gradma Hattie
Maxine and Carter, Fast Eddie and all of 'em mine
They're all gone, long gone, ain't comin' back

Well, I never got to say so long
Now so many have all passed, they're gone, long gone
I just wave my hands to the sky
To all those I never got to say goodbye, bye bye
'Cause I never got to say goodbye

To those I never got to say goodbye


Written by:

Sammy Hagar

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