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Frankie and Johnny

This song is by Sammy Davis Jr. and appears on the album Here's Lookin' at You (1956).

Frankie and Johnny were lovers
Man how those two cats could love
They promised to dig one another
Long as stars remained above
He was her mate
But he couldn't fly straight

Now he was a cat that was lazy
Thinking of work made him frown
And she had a bank that was crazy
And his loans were not turned down
She was his fool
And he played it real cool

(What a drag)

They sashayed down to the ballroom
A place where you go chaperoned
Strictly a come as you are room
And the clientelle were stoned
Everyone was juiced
As you may have deduced

The evening was sulty and torid
And Frankie was limp from the heat
She planted a kiss on his forehead
Then she beat out a swift retreat
For as you might suppose
She had to powder her nose.

Enter a doll named Anellie
A weirdie the hipster would boast (?)
Man poets like Byron or Shelley
Would have dubbed this chick the most
Jack this gal came on
Sort of like a female Don Juan

(Uh oh)

You never saw such a tangle
That Frankie sure fought for her gent
She threw punches from ev'ry angle
Man it looked like the main event
Someone rang a bell
But daddy-o they couldn't save Nell

Frankie had whipped out a pistol
And everyone made for the door
She started bustin' the crystal
Jack she made that cannon roar

Now ladies be careful!
Look out!
Frankie put down that gun!
And when she fired the last shot
Did johnny hear?
He did not
Man she was such a lady

Oh how that Frankie did suffer
Her tears were falling like rain
The sheriff who came in to cuff her
Used the cuffs with the platinum chain
And nobody knew
Just who was takin' in who

Now everyone bows when they pass her
And frankie's the toast of the town
Man the moral is really a gasser
If he cheats simply shoot him down
He was her mate
But he wouldn't fly straight

Here's a thought for you to contemplate
If you want to love you gotta fly straight
Any questions?

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