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From The Bottom

This song is by Sammie.

I was up in the hood, down at my boys house
It was the summer time, when everyone would hang out
Down at the corner store, we had the best of times
Yelling bingo at every card that came out
I knew that I haven'y changed
And I wanted them to believe
That I was gonna make it

Ooh Ooh, From the bottom to the top I got em' (you're my A that's what I say Ooh ya)
Ooh Ooh, From the bottom to the top I got em' (you're my A)

It happened so fast, I can't believe I last
I headed to the A-T-L just to get a sound
Hooked up with Dallas and he had a record plan
That JT money and Sammie could put Miami down
I knew that I had been trained (o ya-e)
And I wanted them to believe that I was gonna make it


Where you see it's where the base drop
Where the girls in the tempa just hot
That bottom where the base game started
And the girls shake they thng ho' hearted
In Miami baby 48 carrots straight thug when it
Don't be happen old school on the fish and the chumps
Lettin' out play old school funks big sammie put it down
For the bottom fly hunnies want money we got em'(ooh yeah)
What you aboutthat miami heat (huh) find hot street wear all
In the street a place where the old stuff repeat retreat

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