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Forward Is All

This song is by Sambassadeur and appears on the album European (2010).

Make your changes
Settle for more
Now it's forward
Forward is all
Framed by stories
Of a long long time ago
You sit inside and
Watch your only days go by

All was wonder
What's in my day
Now it's forward
Forward they say
In the night time
Insightful sparks will cling
Only inside wonder
Can get you on your feet again

Harmful thinking
Doing its time
Downward spirals
Moulding this tight
When I woke up
Everything had changed
If you're asleep too long
The city makes your heart go wrong

Love takes its time
And time takes its use
Love takes your life
Whether you win or lose
Now and forever
The days I've left behind
Brings me forward
Forward is all.

I can see the wonder
Time to give my only heart away.

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