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Love House

This song is by Samantha Fox and appears…

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Love House
Are you ready to do things tonight
That you never dreamed were possible?
Let, let let's go

Love house, house, house

You want to visit the house, hmmm?
I am ready for anything
Follow me

There's love in my house, don't worry
There's love in my house for you
There's love in my house, you won't be sorry
'Cause I know just what to do
I'll be good to you

It's Friday night, I'm burning
I'm dynamite, just touch me
And I'll explode, yeah

(Knock! Knock!)
This is Sam Fox, I have some fun
Whose you are? This is Samantha

Love house

I'll open the door, come closer
Something good in stone, no no!
What'd you come here for, yeah?

Is this Samantha?
Oui! Oui!

Just knock---
I'll be good to you

I hope you enjoyed your visit to the house

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