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Sweet Sweet Surrender

This song is by Samantha Cole and appears on the album Samantha Cole (1997).

Baby, baby I can't get you out of my mind
So maybe, maybe I can get with you tonight
Intoxicated by the way that you touch me
This kind of love, it's just too much and
Never enough

It's such a sweet, sweet surrender
Every time you call my name
I'm fallin' again
It's such a sweet sweet surrender
Cause you make me feel alive
Each and every time
Sweet surrender

So tell me, tell me how can I be down with you
Won't you show me what it's gonna take to
Do you right
Infatuated by the way that you move me

So let it flow, don't ya know, I'm so into you
I'm fallin' faster
I'm melting inside
Anywhere you're goin'
I'm down for the ride
Don't rush this feelin'
Let's take out time
Over and over
All through the night

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