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As Leslie Phillips

Beyond Saturday Night (1983)Edit

Leslie Phillips - Beyond Saturday Night
Beyond Saturday Night
  1. Hourglass
  2. Gina
  3. Put Your Heart in Me
  4. I'm Finding
  5. Beyond Saturday Night
  6. Bring Me Through
  7. Heart of Hearts
  8. Will They Love Him
  9. He's Gonna Hear Your Cryin'
  10. Let Me Give

Dancing With Danger (1984)Edit

Leslie Phillips - Dancing With Danger
Dancing With Danger
  1. Dancing With Danger
  2. I Won't Let It Come Between Us
  3. Strength of My Life
  4. Give 'Em All You've Got (Tonight)
  5. By My Spirit (LP Version)
  6. Hiding in the Shadows
  7. Powder Room Politics
  8. Light of Love
  9. Song in the Night
  10. Here He Comes With My Heart
  11. By My Spirit (Radio Version)

Black And White In A Grey World (1985)Edit

Leslie Phillips - Black and White in a Grey World
Black and White in a Grey World
  1. Black and White in a Grey World
  2. Tug of War
  3. When the World Is New
  4. Psalm 55
  5. Your Kindness
  6. Larger Than Life
  7. The More I Know You
  8. Smoke Screen
  9. You're My Lord
  10. Walls of Silence
  11. You're the Same
  12. Love Is Not Lost

The Turning (1987)Edit

Leslie Phillips - The Turning
The Turning
  1. River of Love
  2. Love Is Not Lost
  3. The Turning
  4. Libera Me
  5. Carry You
  6. Beating Heart
  7. Expectations
  8. Down
  9. Answers Don't Come Easy
  10. God Is Watching You

Recollection (1987)Edit

Leslie Phillips - Recollection
  1. Your Kindness (Acoustic)
  2. No One But You
  3. Heart of Hearts
  4. Walls of Silence (Home Demo)
  5. Libera Me
  6. Love Is Not Lost
  7. Answers Don't Come Easy
  8. You're the Same (Home Demo)
  9. I'm Finding
  10. When the World Is New
  11. By My Spirit
  12. Strength of My Life
  13. Your Kindness (Reprise) (Acoustic)

As Sam Phillips

The Indescribable Wow (1988)Edit

Sam Phillips - The Indescribable Wow
The Indescribable Wow
  1. I Don't Want to Fall in Love
  2. I Don't Know How to Say Goodbye to You
  3. Flame
  4. Remorse
  5. What Do I Do
  6. I Can't Stop Crying
  7. Holding On to the Earth
  8. She Can't Tell Time
  9. What You Don't Want to Hear
  10. Out of Time

Cruel Inventions (1991)Edit

Sam Phillips - Cruel Inventions
Cruel Inventions
  1. Lying
  2. Go Down
  3. Cruel Inventions
  4. Standing Still
  5. Tripping Over Gravity
  6. Now I Can't Find the Door
  7. Private Storm
  8. Raised on Promises
  9. Hole in Time
  10. Where the Colors Don't Go

Martinis & Bikinis (1994)Edit

Sam Phillips - Martinis & Bikinis
Martinis & Bikinis
  1. Love and Kisses
  2. Signposts
  3. Same Rain
  4. Baby I Can't Please You
  5. Circle of Fire
  6. Strawberry Road
  7. When I Fall
  8. Same Changes
  9. Black Sky
  10. Fighting With Fire
  11. I Need Love
  12. Wheel of the Broken Voice
  13. Gimme Some Truth

Omnipop (It's Only a Flesh Wound Lambchop) (1996)Edit

Sam Phillips - Omnipop (It's Only a Flesh Wound Lambchop)
  1. Entertainmen
  2. Plastic Is Forever
  3. Animals on Wheels
  4. Zero Zero Zero!
  5. Help Yourself
  6. Your Hands
  7. Power World
  8. Skeleton
  9. Where Are You Taking Me
  10. Compulsive Gambler
  11. Faster Pussycat to the Library!
  12. Slapstick Heart

Zero Zero Zero (1998)Edit

Sam Phillips - Zero Zero Zero
Zero Zero Zero
  1. Disappearing Act
  2. I Need Love
  3. Holding On to the Earth
  4. Signposts
  5. Where the Colors Don't Go
  6. Animals on Wheels
  7. Black Sky
  8. Flame
  9. Ribot Tripping Over Gravity
  10. Hole in Time
  11. You Lost My Mind
  12. Cruel Inventions
  13. Fighting With Fire
  14. Lying
  15. Strawberry Road

Fan Dance (2001)Edit

Sam Phillips - Fan Dance
Fan Dance
  1. The Fan Dance
  2. Edge of the World
  3. Five Colors
  4. Wasting My Time
  5. Taking Pictures
  6. How to Dream
  7. Soul Eclipse
  8. Incinerator
  9. Love Is Everywhere I Go
  10. Below Surface
  11. Is That Your Zebra?
  12. Say What You Mean

A Boot and a Shoe (2004)Edit

Sam Phillips - A Boot and a Shoe
A Boot and a Shoe
  1. How to Quit
  2. All Night
  3. I Dreamed I Stopped Dreaming
  4. Open the World
  5. Red Silk 5
  6. Reflecting Light
  7. Infiltration
  8. Draw Man
  9. I Wanted to Be Alone
  10. Love Changes Everything
  11. If I Could Write
  12. Hole in My Pocket
  13. One Day Late

Don't Do Anything (2008)Edit

Sam Phillips - Don't Do Anything
Don't Do Anything
  1. No Explanations
  2. Can't Come Down
  3. Another Song
  4. Don't Do Anything
  5. Little Plastic Life
  6. My Career in Chemistry
  7. Flowers Up
  8. Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us
  9. Shake It Down
  10. Under the Night
  11. Signal
  12. Watching Out of This World

Cameras In The Sky (2011)Edit

Sam Phillips - Cameras In The Sky
Cameras in the Sky
  1. Tell Me
  2. Broken Circle
  3. Happy Mediums
  4. Leap Toward the Earth
  5. Throw Yourself Away
  6. Little White Feet
  7. Hide Space
  8. Cameras in the Sky
  9. When I'm a Camera
  10. So Glad You're Here

Solid State: Songs from the Long Play (2011)Edit

Sam Phillips - Solid State- Songs from the Long Play
Solid State
  1. Tell Me
  2. Magic for Everybody
  3. Happy Mediums
  4. Broken Circle
  5. Throw Yourself Away
  6. Tell Her What She Wants to Know
  7. Lever Pulled Down
  8. Not So Fast
  9. What It All Means
  10. Lying
  11. It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas
  12. When I'm a Camera
  13. So Glad You're Here

Push Any Button (2013)Edit

Sam Phillips - Push Any Button
Push Any Button
  1. Pretty Time Bomb
  2. All Over Me
  3. When I'm Alone
  4. See You in Dreams
  5. Going
  6. Things I Shouldn't Have Told You
  7. Speaking of Pictures
  8. You Know I Won't
  9. No Time Like Now
  10. Can't See Straight
Bonus Tracks
  1. Ask Me to Stay
  2. Listen to the Rain
  3. Power World
  4. How to Dream

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Additional information

Artist information:
  • b. 1962
Real name:

Sam Phillips is a performance name for Leslie Ann Phillips.

Years active:
  • 1980 - present
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