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Drinking Again

This song is by Sam Harris and appears on the album Standard Time (1997).

This song is a cover of "Drinking Again" by Dinah Washington.
Scotch and Soda
But in your eyes
Baby do I feel high
Only oh my
Do I feel high

Drinking again
Thinking of when you left me
Yes I'm having a few
'Cause I keep wishing that you were here

Well I'm making the rounds
I'm setting 'em up
For total strangers
Don't you know I'm being a fool
'Cause I keep hoping
And I'm a praying you'll appear

Sure, I can borrow a smoke
Maybe later on I'm gonna tell some joker a joke
But who?
Who wants to laugh at a broken heart?

Oh, and I'm drinking again
Thinking of when you loved me

Yes, I'm trying to get home
With nothing but a memory
I got some sweet old memories

I'm gonna make it on home
I'm gonna try again

I'm gonna spread my wings so I can fly again
I'm gonna get up and walk up out that door

Well, maybe after
Just one more
Just one more
Scotch and Soda
I feel so high

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