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​The City is Mine

This song is by Salvatore Rubinaccio.

Standing here now
Looking around
I hear the sound of the city
It turns me on
Cause that is my playground
And this whole town
Is in my hand
From top of the roof to the ground

Now it's time to
Make my move
And I don't look back
Be as fast as I can

And now I
Drop the roof
Touch the ground
Jump the walls
And speed up
Spectaculare Moves
Take Me Up to new hights

There's No limit
No Wall I Can't climb
And I try the gravity
- And try to fly
And I got a perfect line
On my mind
There's No Doubt
Cause the city is mine
Yes, the city is mine.

- Down and up -
- Down and up -
- Down and up -
- Down and up -