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Water Bearer (1978)Edit

Sally Oldfield - Water Bearer
Water Bearer
  1. Water Bearer
  2. Songs of the Quendi: Night Theme
  3. Songs of the Quendi: Wampum Song
  4. Songs of the Quendi: Nenya
  5. Songs of the Quendi: Land of the Sun
  6. Mirrors
  7. Weaver
  8. Night of the Hunter's Moon
  9. Child of Allah
  10. Song of the Bow
  11. Fire and Honey
  12. Song of the Healer

Easy (1979)Edit

Sally Oldfield - Easy
  1. The Sun In My Eyes
  2. You Set My Gypsy Blood Free
  3. Answering You
  4. The Boulevard Song
  5. Easy
  6. Sons Of The Free
  7. Hide And Seek
  8. Firstborn Of The Earth
  9. Man Of Storm

Celebration (1980)Edit

Sally Oldfield - Celebration
  1. Mandala
  2. Morning Of My Life
  3. Woman Of The Night
  4. Celebration
  5. Blue Water
  6. My Damsel Heart
  7. Love Is Everywhere

Playing in the Flame (1981)Edit

Sally Oldfield - Playing in the Flame
Playing in the Flame
  1. Playing in the Flame
  2. Love of a Lifetime
  3. River of My Childhood
  4. Let It All Go
  5. Song of the Lamp
  6. Rare Lightning
  7. Man Child
  8. It's a Long Time
  9. Song of the Being

Strange Day in Berlin (1983)Edit

Sally Oldfield - Strange Day in Berlin
Strange Day in Berlin
  1. A Million Light Years Away From Home
  2. Path With a Heart
  3. Strange Day in Berlin
  4. Meet Me in Verona
  5. There's a Miracle Going On
  6. She Talks Like a Lady
  7. Never Knew Love Could Get So Strong

Femme (1987)Edit

Sally Oldfield - Femme
  1. Silver Dagger
  2. This Is My Song
  3. Marlene
  4. Strangers In The Dawn
  5. I'm Leaving
  6. Andromeda Rising
  7. Sometimes I'm A Woman
  8. Two Different Drummers
  9. Giving All My Love

Instincts (1988)Edit

Sally Oldfield - Instincts
  1. I Say Something
  2. A Love Like This
  3. House of Silence
  4. Ice on Fire
  5. Olanders
  6. Let It Begin (featuring Justin Hayward)
  7. In the Heat of the Night
  8. Ravenna
  9. The Earth Is Calling
  10. Instincts

Natasha (1990)Edit

Sally Oldfield - Natasha
  1. Break Through the Rock
  2. Natasha
  3. Keep the Fire Burning
  4. Clear Light
  5. My Drumbeat Heart
  6. Song of the Mountain
  7. Break Like a Wave
  8. Maya
  9. In the Presence of the Spring
  10. Guiding Star

The Flame (1992)Edit

Sally Oldfield - The Flame
The Flame
  1. No Heart
  2. The Flame
  3. Into the Mystic
  4. Mandala (New Version)
  5. Spellbound
  6. Autumn Prelude
  7. Love Song
  8. Flaming Star
  9. Dark Night of My Soul
  10. The Enchanted Way

Three Rings (1994)Edit

Sally Oldfield - Three Rings
Three Rings
  1. Three Rings
  2. Digging for Gold
  3. The Blessing
  4. Summer of Love
  5. Healing Light
  6. Survival
  7. Summer in My Hand
  8. Sending Messages
  9. Twilight Zone
  10. Merlin's Song

Secret Songs (1996)Edit

Sally Oldfield - Secret Songs
Secret Songs
  1. Warm Wind on the Wasteland
  2. Flaming Star
  3. Promised Land
  4. Ohureo
  5. Secret Songs
  6. Million Miles From Home
  7. Masquerade
  8. Mystic Drum
  9. Song to the Siren

Flaming Star (2001)Edit

Sally Oldfield - Flaming Star
Flaming Star
  1. Flaming Star
  2. Invocation
  3. Samurai of the Sun
  4. Bird of Paradise
  5. Shaman
  6. Ascension
  7. One to the Power of One
  8. Mirrors

Other SongsEdit

  1. Boulevard Song
  2. Colour Of The World
  3. Man Storm
  4. Sun In My Eyes

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