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Creating Our Sins (1992)Edit

Salem - Creating Our Sins
Creating Our Sins
  1. Masquerade In Claustrophobia
  2. Creating Our Sins
  3. Old Wounds

Kaddish (1994)Edit

Salem - Kaddish
  1. The Fading
  2. Above The Ground
  3. Eyes To Match A Soul
  4. Kaddish
  5. Fear Of The Future
  6. Dying Embers
  7. Desert Prayer
  8. The Edge Of The Void
  9. Ha'ayara Bo'eret
  10. The One That No One Knows

A Moment Of Silence (1998)Edit

Salem - A Moment of Silence
A Moment of Silence
  1. A Moment Of Silence
  2. Winter's Tear
  3. Hour Glass
  4. Flames
  5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  6. Another Dimension
  7. The Worst To Come
  8. An Unwanted Guest
  9. Symbiosis
  10. Eyes To Match A Soul
  11. Who Will Comfort Me Now

Collective Demise (2002)Edit

Salem - Collective Demise
Collective Demise
  1. Broken Yet United
  2. Coming End Of Reason
  3. Slave
  4. Act Of Terror
  5. Act Of War
  6. Collective Demise
  7. Dead Eyes
  8. Feed On Your Grief
  9. Decadence In Solitude
  10. Recall
  11. Al Taster
  12. Inhuman Greed

Strings Attached (2005)Edit

Salem - Strings Attached
Strings Attached
  1. A Moment Of Silence
  2. Anno Domini
  3. Coming End Of Reason
  4. Dying Embers
  5. Winter's Tear
  6. Ha'ayara Bo'eret
  7. Eyes To Match A Soul
  8. Slave
  9. Old Wounds
  10. Hourglass
  11. The Fading
  12. Recall
  13. Old Wounds (Guest Vocalists Version)
  14. The 2nd Coming

Necessary Evil (2007)Edit

Salem - Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil
  1. Blood
  2. Amona
  3. Idol Worship
  4. Mindless
  5. Hypatia
  6. Strife
  7. Resentment
  8. Making A Difference
  9. More Blood
  10. Once Upon A Lifetime Part I
  11. Once Upon A Lifetime Part Ii
  12. Once Upon A Lifetime Part Iii
  13. Once Upon A Lifetime Part Iv
  14. Once Upon A Lifetime Part V

Other SongsEdit

  1. Aphrodite's Tears
  2. Brighton By The Sea
  3. Cancel The Sun
  4. Confession
  5. Maquerade In Claustrophobia
  6. Redlights
  7. Sick
  8. Smoke And Mirrors
  9. Tair
  10. Trapdoor

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