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The Legend - Reign of the Wicked

This song is by Salamandra and appears on the album Skarremar (2000).

Have you heard of that famous nation
Who had won back their freedom and pride
Have you heard of imposing heroes
Winning the wars

Many good times have passed since those battles
Now the bad years have taken their toll
Only few remember the glory
Ages of poverty have come

Evil-doer king ruins the country
Victorious spirit has died
Search for consolation in legends
If you cannot fight
If you cannot fight him back

With this king the nation has got suppressed
Robbed of all their riches and rights
Frightened are once respected nobles
Lifeless are towns

Think of the legend, remember well
Reckoning is coming, you will hear the voice
Leading the armies bringing them back
Carefully listen, hear the storming voice
Think of the legend, remember well
That day is coming, you will hear the voice
Relentless powers bringing us help
Immortal army, hear the storming voice

They shall drive evil out of the land
Reckoning is coming, listen, hear that voice
Restless are powers bringing us hope
Immortal army, cannot you hear the voice
Cannot you hear that voice