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Shepherd's Isle

This song is by Salad.

Don't take me there tonight
To the shepherd's isle
They say there's people walking
In toweling dressing gowns, awaiting trial

I don't want to go
I don't need to know
I don't want to go

The hounds hunt in fives
Gnashing teeth, will eat you alive
So board this boat with me
Why so shaky, can't you see?

Come all ye faithful
Tractor salesmen from hell
And when we're walking, walking
We know we don't walk too well

I feel like crumbling buildings
With dust on the windowsills
It's such a mindless island
I feel like paying boredom bills
This boredom really kills


Written by:

Peter Charles Brown; Paul Kennedy; Marijne Ellen Van Der Vlugt; Rob Wakeman

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