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The Draft That Scourges The Innocence Of Ages

This song is by Salacious Gods and appears on the album Askengris (1999).

Unstained innocence irrevocably enciphered
In a moist cellar vault
In darkness enshrouded enthralled
To receive clandestine lasciviousness

Lord of hinterland hermit in his own labyrinth
Spirits roaming sidelings along crumbled battlements
Feathered innocence languishes away as the moon illuminates
Chained through ages as the ravens picked her eyes

Snorting black horse pulls
A hearse through the full moon night
Phantom knight tranquil in his coffin
Deceased by the debt of nature

Now I'm doomed, entombed and enslaved
I ask you father what dreadful path have you paved
Condemned to shiver in my own misery
Tell me father why has thou forsaken me

Bitter tears falling from heaven
Grinding organ, fading orchid
A funeral under a weeping willow
To embrace as a dying wish

The draft scourges the innocence of ages
Menacing blackness armed with awls
Into eternity... as the ravens picked her eyes

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