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Salacious Gods

This song is by Salacious Gods and appears on the album Askengris (1999).

Standing before this forest
What is if we seek
Where can we reach for
Knowing we are cursed
Our tears on which they feast

Staring with lascivious eyes
Lilith queen of fallen angels
Takes us to places full of might
Where only salacious gods can rule
Come on, let's fly to the moon
On our four winged horses

Unendless, the visions of crystal balls
But endless, hallucinations of a dark world
A world, someday in future our home to be
Take shelter in the shadows of an old oak
A shadow brought forth by blue light of the moon

Behold the great monarch, veiled in this mist
Gives us the strength to see, to rule
Can't you see? As long as we rule there will be pandemic

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