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Mellow Dance Within The Wicked Circle

This song is by Salacious Gods and appears on the album Askengris (1999).

All the elements gathered with care
Fly fungus, witches cauldron
Valet comes forward with
Chalice filled with an elixir my face, grimace
I will dance among the shadows (naked!??)

Dying meddler's scream my everlasting dirge
An autumn breath chimes
When passing the gateways of redemption

Circle of twelve prepare thy gift
Oracle in turmoil, warped in mist
Seven whistlers, scent of sulphur, it looms
Altar of seven deadly sins, entice weaver of dreams

Chords of darkness, surrounds in unknown
Seven faces covered with black roses foretell:
This is thy last dance on this hallowed ground
I lose my life, deprive me of my unborn skepticism
Melancholic prophecy seems to be coming true
As now this violet dusky light appears at the horizon
I know that I must dance in the name of
Lucifer can fill this grail with my blood
When I stop dancing
Irrational rhythms take me on cold winds to unsurpassed heights
Now with tears in my eyes
I depart whilst I dance dance dance

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