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This song is by Salacious Gods and appears on the album Askengris (1999).

The north wind brings the feared ones
From the sea they swarm causing mayhem ashore
They have crushed a dozen landlords
And their ruler still thirsts for more
I've been entangled in so many a conflict
I've raged in so many a war
I'm aware of the blaze beyond the horizon
I have never been frightened before...

Their vessels reached my shore
From the sea I hear them roar

Staring down from my banisters
I fear the outcome of this massacre at hand
My warriors never backed away from anything...
We are sadly outnumbered
But prepared to take a last stand
The last calm moments before the storm
A dark secret is revealed to me
It's like I have known it for all my life
But until now too blind to see
Still puzzled by this strange event
In my hand appears an ancient key
Release whatever is trapped in your dungeon
And at a price it will slay your enemy!
Among the archways beneath my castle

I find a door unseen before
I am not surprised the key fits with ease
And with a turn of my wrist
The door is locker no more

Dark clouds unite in a firestorm
It's a demon's rage in infernal form

I must protect my eyes while...
Viking warrior numbed with fear
Cry to their wargods in rain
The hellish flames strike with utmost precision
Depriving the fools of their swords
Before they are slain

Seven prosperous years have gone
In the blink of an eye
I never spoke a word of the price we were to pay
But with seven deadly plagues
Now feasting on our souls
My people turn to me for an explanation
Wallowing in guilt I realize my wrong
For in a moment's fear, I damned my very kingdom to hell

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