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I Want It All

This song is by Saigon.

I want it all!
I want the cars in the fancy...
I want the light, the success it brings!
I want the love and the parallel respect
That's the way it's seen.
I said I want it all!
I said I want it all!

O.K. I want a...
So what I want even more it's finally getting in the door.
I want the critics to give me the credits that I deserve,
Wanna show off my vicious...

I want to save money, so what's the... [?]
I want people to see that I was popular before Entourage,

I wanna know if my sister is fucking, is she protected,
I want that President Obama to get reelected.
I want the kind of drama that I'm doing to be accepted,
... in town, I'll probably be rejected.
I want no integrity,
I want Saigon to be stronger that I'll ever be,
When I'm gone no insanity,
I want mom's receipt for sweet potato pie I used to die for.
I want a reply, yo!
I want it all!


I want to be my...

I want people to be honest, even when it offends me,
Unless they won't wake up the violence asleep within me.

I want to think everybody wants the day to shine,
I want to earn the truth,..
I want you and you to learn how to rhyme.
I can't put yourself against...
I want the kids in the ghetto to go to school,
Want them know culture,
Wanting them to know that the fraud is so uncool.
I want to know who's related in gang bang,
It will entertain me,
Probably the same dude with a...

I want hip hop to stop providing this deformity,
I want the opportunity!
I promised my brothers I won't stop!


I want to send the receipts to Mr...
I want to feel if... ass is real,
I want to know if you're dangerous, so...

I wanna welcome myself back in the rap,

I want everybody to imagine it now,
I was the one...
I wanna welcome myself back in the rap,

You think I came this far, for me the mother fucking fall?
Hell no!
I said I want it all!
I said I want it all!

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