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Definitions From Bryonn Bain

This song is by Saigon and appears on the album G.S.N.T. 3: The Troubled Times Of Brian Carenard (2014).

Aye yo yo yo yo yo, there go that brother Bryonn Bain man
I heard he speak knowledge, talk to 'em

(Bryonn Bain)
I was reincarnated to be incarcerated
In this cage called flesh
Released on probation only through meditation
But meditation was a morse code
Waiting for man on the other side of the tracks
[?] With committing heresy against himself
And I was by myself in the womb
Like I was by myself in my tomb
I died free, 'cause I couldn't live life a slave
Now I'm back from the grave
In a rage to get mine, 'cause I be divine, say what?
Said I be divine, not just some ebonic line
Check my EKG sign, you'll see a circle not a line
'Cause I transcend space and time
I transcend space, and send space
And set space back in time

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