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This song is by Saigon and appears on the album G.S.N.T. 3: The Troubled Times Of Brian Carenard (2014).

Aiyyo (what's up?)
Aiyyo this nigga Saigon ever tell you why he in here man?
(Naw, naw, why that nigga here?)
Yo Sai', tell 'em why you up in here son
(What you here for son?)

I had a lot of respect for her, lil' Erica
Supposedly so sweet and now I regret that I messed with her (what happened?)
As I recollect I be wonderin', "Was it reckless?"
If this happened to you, would you label this incorrectness? (tell me)
'F' it, he ain't deserve to keep his light
I remember E tellin' me 'bout them sleepless nights callin' on Jesus Christ (word?)
He also used to beat his wife-that's the reason she split
Blames it on Erica, said that she'd never be shit (never be shit?)
It made me sick the way she asked if I could keep a secret
Said "Sai', you all I want but not the only one I sleep with"
I'm thinkin', "Freak bitch," but she said, "Naw, this is some deep shit
I trust in you-that's the reason I'm tellin' you-just peep it" (what she said?)
She said "Boo, I don't know what to do. Since I was two
Pop touched me in places that made me feel so uncomfy (fuck him)
He said if I ever told a soul, he'd be my Lord
An agent over the course, he forced me to havin' intercourse (fuck that)
No, I ain't seekin' your sympathy (damn). I just need to be held intimately
Promise not to look at me differently" (what you do?)
At that moment, I knew that I would have to off pops (word)
He blatantly rapin' my shorty, hit my sore spot
Told her from here on, I'd shed her from harm
Just confide in Saigon, she sang a song and just cried in my arm (damn, man)
Told her confide in Saigon
She sang a song and just cried in my arms (this shit sad)
She said, she said
"I don't know how he could do it
Let his own flesh and blood go through it
All I know is I can't take it no more!" (So what you do?)
I plotted for three days on when and how to leave him twisted (uh-huh)
The D's are too swift with biscuit ballistics, can't risk it (true)
I asked E. She said if she was me, she'd find a big stick to beat him with (damn)
Then cut off his dick and feed him it
I was thinkin', "Damn, why you so belligerent, boo?"
Then it hit me, like maybe it's 'cause of all of the shit that she went through
Bein' so badly trapped, word to God it's too bad he black
Violatin' whenever his daughter sat on daddy lap
How the fuck I make him fathom that?
Said the time she tried to spaz back, got back-slapped (What happened?)
Collapsed and had an asthma attack (damn)
See black? The tongue is as ill as a fatal act
He never portrayed that type, down the tube to my table, Jack
I'll preach him some [haps?] about keepin' my paper stacked
I used to use that advice (but now) but now it's a bit too late for that
Humble up on the outside, within was so cruel
I talked and watched sports, ate soul food with this old dude (damn)
Whoever thought a ex-newspaper reporter be rapin' his daughter? (pssh)
Son, this sport is worth more than just eight and a quarter (I agree)
There now. Decided to do it, care style (how?)
Slit his throat and smother him so when he scream, you don't hear a sound (right)
He let me in. Let's see-in five flat, was on the rug murdered (murdered?)
The jugular turnt and burned rubber before the blood squirted
Went to E, and told her that he was done with (what she said?)
Never had to worry 'bout your pops with all that dumb shit (no, what she said?)
She looked at me like, "Nigga, you playin'
Fuck you mean my pops is done with? (She said WHAT?)
Exactly what the fuck is you sayin'?"
I said "Erica, what the fella did was foulin' me and foulin' you too
She said, "Ooh, you done did what I doubted you'd do"
Started lookin' hysteric, lookin' like she was possessed by a superior spirit
Wasn't tryin' to hear it (fuck that)
I grabbed her arm, shook her up, spoke on some calm shit (man)
Asked her "What's the matter, I thought it was what you wanted?"
Thought it was what you wanted? (That's what I thought)
Thought it was what you wanted?

(That's why you in here?) Yeah man, so yeah
Come to find out, the bitch father was never even rapin' her, son
(What?! Get the fuck outta here)
Yo, I go and I take homie out and shit (you took him out?)
Then come to find out she was settin' homie up to get some insurance money
(What? Insurance money?)
Now I'm up in here with y'all motherfuckers (you got to be shittin' me, man!)
Nah, I ain't here for that, I'm just fuckin' with you man
I'm here for some other shit man (ah, you stupid!)
Y'all some stupid muhfuckers. Anyway, man... (nigga, you's a stupid motherfucker)
Anyway, man I gotta go use this phone, I'll be back
I gotta use this phone real quick (fuck that!)
Make sure shorty come right this time
I'll be back, y'all (lyin'-ass nigga)

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