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The Strange Famous Mullet Remover

This song is by Sage Francis and appears on the album Personal Journals (2003).

Closing out our feature for you now
Captain of our slam team - Sage Francis.

It was the (beatboxing) that got me (beatboxing)
It was the (beatboxing) break (beatboxing)

It was the...(beatboxing) 8x
Name's Francis but everybody calls me STRANGE FAMOUS
Any of you guys call me Francis
And ill kill you
And I don't like nobody touching my stuff
I catch any of you guys in my stuff I'll kill you
Also I don't like anybody touching me
And any of you homos touch me and ill kill you

"I can't settle down here, I can't. I gotta be free. I'm not, I enjoy company in a woman, I. I love you. It's just eh. I don't need em. See you know that's the way it is when you're a true artist, let my feelings come out in my music" - Sage

"Yeah well maybe if you put your feelings out in real life, then your music will be even better" - Woman