Sage Francis:Sick Of Waiting... (1999)

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Album by Sage Francis.

Side AEdit

  1. Drop Bass
  2. Bounce
  3. I Keep Calling
  4. Untitled Canadian Recordings (Featuring ADeeM, Buck 65 and Sixtoo)
  5. Intuition Featuring Metropolitan
  6. I'm Afraid Featuring Sole

Side BEdit

  1. Final True School Session Introduction (90.3 WRIU)
  2. Narcissist (90.3 WRIU)
  3. Human Blowtorch Battle Blurb (90.3 WRIU)
  4. The NYC Freestyle (DJ Unknown mixtape #23)
  5. Sage Vs. The Underground Kid Battle Part 1 (90.3 WRIU)
  6. Sage And Adeem Freestyles And Verses Part 1 (88.9 WERS, True School Thursdays)
  7. I'm Not A Hater (DJ Unknown mixtape #21)
  8. Dj Unknown Bong Hit Shout Out (How Classy)
  9. Whore Mongers (a rejected verse for DJ Unknown's mixtape classy)
  10. Sage Vs. The Underground Kid Part 2 (90.3 WRIU)
  11. Majority Rule (90.3 WRIU)
  12. Last True School Session Outro (90.3 WRIU)

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