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I Keep Calling

This song is by Sage Francis and appears on the compilation album Sick of Waiting... (1999).

AUTHOR: Sage Francis

Pick up, Pick up... Pick up, Pick up...

Verse One:

Now I can't even think back. Self-induced amnesia has made its impact
Mental health produced at leisure was frayed once it was intact
I voluntarily refuse to remenisce
If I could choose any wish... I'd lose my genesis
And prove to my nemesis that I don't need Memory Lane on my way home
But I got lost and I needed a pay phone
Because I was in an unsafe zone... inside of a place unknown
Where unfamilliar faces roam (...and it's so strange)...
I've got no change... I could've sworn that I did when I left
My breath gets heavy with every lie and theft
I looked right and left... then I called people at my home collect
To tell them, "Things changed." But they just won't accept
I'm out of range... with no respect. Every time I asked for directions
All I got was dead air, cut lines, and bad connections
People who would help changed their number to unlisted
411 info left me unassisted. Wickedly twisted...
Incidents. Is it coincidence? I choose to think so
Deep in thought, my eyes blink slow. Pictures appear like slide shows
My mind knows each and every single detail
Total recall is leaving me pale
Sick to my stomach... nautious... forces of nature bring my homing instinct
Its stink... is so distinct... now let me think... a minute
Epiphany: This is the much traveled trail from my past
Now an unbeaten path... unfunny memories are now making me laugh.

Verse Two:

Ha! The flashbacks of my past acts are numerous
Since out the uterus... Earth encounters ain't been that humerous
Heheheheh... my laugh lines have been faked for the last time
I'm past my prime. Climaxing again is a task of mine
I'm homeward bound. Break out the map and atlas
I ask gas station attendants... and they just act pissed
I'm black listed... for not staying true to white lies
I fight lies... in darkness... heartless... until the night dies
Then I shed some light on what's the matter
Reflections in the looking glass self scatter when the hard stares make it shatter
7 years bad luck? Time's irrelevant
I'm searching for signs of intelligent minds, but find the element
Which blinds what the hell I think. Now I'm thinking...
"What time is it?" I see the 12:00 blinking
Check the position... of the sun... to see there is none
I figure there's an eclipse... so I look away to save my wisdom
The solar system left me stranded in a universe
Where I do reverse psychology. Apologies are made through my verse
Ain't nothing to do but curse when I'm frustrated
Making people disgusted. Plus, I'm mistrusted and hated
That's an understatement, but who really cares about my failure years?
I'm on an expedition... following my trail of tears
From when I cried, but... it dried up... and vaporized
I played your game, so where's my consalation prize? I'm taking lies
From faking guys... and gals... who want to be my pals... and peers
At this here pace, it'll take me a thousand years
To fins my way back... encompassing what they lack
It cost me most of my life, but still I'm thinking about a pay back
Decapitated... I lost my head, and fear is activated
I'm in a fog. My blood, sweat and tears evaporated
I back track to find my lost sense of direction
Stop, look, and listen... before I cross the intersection
There's much construction. I'm signaled with morse code
To take a detour. Somehow I end up on an off road
I squint my eyes... trying to find some street signs
I can only read strong thoughts. These people have weak minds
Trapped in a desert that to me looks like a sandbox
With damn NARCS... hold up, son... I'm noticing some landmarks
I rack my brain... knowing that I can't attack in vane
Upon return I promised myself not to act the same
But every so often my selective screen memory... will be my enemy
Metamorphasize and say, "Remember me?"
Getting me petro... wish I could kill the retro
But heck no... to much of my past I just can't let go
I'm just a stone's throw away from my home turf... which really is this whole earth
But claims like that have no worth
Epiphany: And then it hits me... the reason why I'm dizzy
Is because I've been traveling in circles keeping myself busy.
(Where is he?)

Deejay Perseus drumming.

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