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Gunz Yo

This song is by Sage Francis and appears on the album A Healthy Distrust (2005).

I'm on fire, I'm on fire
Me too, me too

Guns yo, I keep one in my pillowcase
It keeps me safe when I sleep, still I keep awake
What if my dream girl pays a midnight visit?
I see the world through the scope but I gain no insight with it

When I get introspective I put the safety on
Make these songs with the biscuit sittin' in my shaky palms
I'm a man now (a real man)
Not the one who went to two colleges
Grovelling over meal plans

I'm starin' at the ceiling fan
All wide-eyed
Amazed by the ways the blades break the silence
I used to be afraid of firin'
It sounded startling
But now I'm starting to hate the quiet moments

Might remind you of a mic
By the way I hold it (to the grill)
A homophobic rapper
Unaware of the graphic nature of phallic symbols
Tragically ironic, suckin' off each others' gats and pistols

I got more back issues than guns and ammo
'Cause my uzi weighs a ton
And I never let go of the handle
Hangin' on to mommy's pant leg
Knee-deep in shells kickin' ballistics

This dick is a detachable penis
An extension of my manhood positioned like a fetus
An intravenous hook-up feeds bullets to my magazine
Nevermind the bullocks, my pistol is a sex machine

Guns yo (sex machine)
Bust it

I got another gun (what)
I keep it in my briefcase
It keeps me safe at my workplace
Cubicle gangster who's in need of his personal space
Gangster of love who's unable to look girls in his face

'Cause I know that all the stupid people increase the birth rate
I'm just about dumb enough to hold up a sperm bank
Make my demands and then facilitate fur trades
Empty the bird cage and release the mermaids, huh

I got a watergun, I keep it in my mouth
It keeps me safe from the things I like to speak about
But words are leakin' out
And all these smiles that I crack
Are like a dam on the verge of collapse

There ain't no turnin' back
In fact I can't hold down my fluids
Can't retract statements
Without water displacement

Flooded the basement, then sought refuge
Removed my waterproof vest and then I kicked off my wet shoes
Made it to dry land, pistol in hand
Fistfuls of ammo riding on a camel through a desert of sand
Lucid dreams are a lot like computer screens
People have pretentious conversations but I shoot the breeze
Blow a hole straight through their long-winded theories
Hold my own and make songs for them to sing with me

It's the same type of heat that millie used
To break the ice with santa claus
When she made him sing the christmas blues
Capitalists strung her up for killin'em
Every manufactured holiday they sacrifice another victim
Before wartime depression sets in
I get to step in and shoe shine my weapon
I'm hemorrhoid, I'm the leader
You're dead like de la
I hold my crotch like a nine-millimeter

Gunz yo
(I'm on fire) (me too)
(Nine-millimeter) (sex machine)

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