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This song is by Sad Theory and appears on the album Biomechanical (2006).

Based on Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira

Ruby-red pupils expand in quickened twirling.
Inebriated clowns smile empty pride and resource.
Neo - rebuilt Tokyo coagulates in wild apathy,
Slandering emotions and nausea against its nankeen heart.

Individualize the children, hurting numbers in your hand.
Numb your lives with miasma and lithium pills.
Teomania is the alibi of a new science.
It might magnetize summers of atoms and dialectic.

Retract the order of chaos manipulating the faith of men.
Create a disgraced and starving empire,
Awakening Akira to sculpt DNA sequels.
In your name, I discolor the moon furrowing despised pearls.

I assume the exile penitence.
Telekinesis and corpse debilitate old friendships.
My hungry absorbing the void around me,
Let to Sol, nothing but, saturate my noncontrol.

I greet Kaneda when contemplating my childhood,
Sustaining all the grief I motivated.
I leave to Over-River together with hope,
Renouncing to the world spectrum of what we were.

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