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Prolific Logic

This song is by Sad Theory and appears on the album Biomechanical (2006).

Based on "Blade Runner"

Chemist Concrete instigates turbid light in warmth.
Synthetic Eyes abridge remittance and fault.
Nothing that a Blade Runner wants to resent,
Only furnished emotion turned into logic.

Narcosymbiosis hide the dissimulated sense of the present time.
Plastic memories reveal the oneiric absurd from the underdone.
Is it the numbed anguish in red?
Or just the despise, shutting, loudly, in replicant hearts...

The left chaser glances his aim,
Feeling, in his breath, the bitter taste of liquid Neon.
Acid drops claim mercy to reach its end,
Coward truth raping life in low love projectiles.

Forgive the caught poison on the lips of a Nexus 6.
It makes it diluting the time into unprolific seconds.
Preserve, in the flesh, the smell of dread,
Keeping, in secret, the sureness you do not own.

By himself and tired, thinking of all he has seen and done,
He conceives, to his cruelty, the forgiveness he did not have.
At last, procrastinating, he rests with Electric Sheep!

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