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Handicapped Beauty

This song is by Sad Theory and appears on the album Biomechanical (2006).

Based on Cronemberg's film "Crash"

The abstract impact causes you nauseous
Transients, strolling to a never-ending city,
In which fog and red give its call,
Accept the offering of being unique.

Unbox the freak collection from your room.
Circle the wheels of your belief.
Hold the wife and close her to the others,
Then raise at the skeptical.

Instinct of pleasure, in a housing set,
Licks the scar from the beauty of a handicapped.
Join, dear, to the unconditional state of an outrageous meeting.
Be part of what you call: ugliness!

Electric senses lead you to a conscious crash:
Slow the carcass and laugh at the terrified,
Cheer the tongue to the tangible skins
And cum the relieve among the pieces.

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