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Biomechanical Semialogic

This song is by Sad Theory and appears on the album Biomechanical (2006).

Based on Ginger's art

Abridge landscapes in horror and beauty environment.
Each trace filled with vanity between dizziness and chance.
Flesh petals embrace guillotines and sperm,
Streaming Necro - circuits through Chur shafts.

Fatigued sex loaded in bitten ogives.
Inter-uterine nymphs printing Biochemical SoulJourney,
Allure pathogens incited in Genetical Torture.
They suffer, memorizing nervous ending saturated of ecstasy.

I Kidnap Crowley in distilled dreams in vinyl - acrylic.
And I find residues of placenta and cortex over the opaque portrait.
Synapses communicates layers of pulsation and mimeses,
Straightening the sinuous look greeting the delirious and fable

16 mm lenses mirror masks of laminated smell.
Tunnel Passages raise niter vaginas - calcifying.
Trajectories of sublimated effects disclose all the frame,
Cauterizing what left from me, into a phobia spectrum.

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