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Reborn in Steel (1997)Edit

Sacred Steel - Reborn in Steel

Reborn in Steel

  1. Metal Reigns Supreme
  2. Battle Angel
  3. Trapped in Hell
  4. True Force of Iron Glory
  5. Reborn in Steel
  6. Purified by Pain
  7. Sword of the King
  8. In the Mouth of Madness
  9. Kill the Deceiver
  10. Sacred Steel

Wargods of Metal (1998)Edit

Sacred Steel - Wargods of Metal

Wargods of Metal

  1. Blessed by the Gods
  2. Wargods of Metal
  3. Tonight the Witches Ride
  4. Iron Legions
  5. Carnage Rules the Fields of Death
  6. Army of Metalheads
  7. Battle Cry
  8. Dethrone the Tyrant King
  9. By Steel We Rule
  10. Crusaders of the Metal Blade
  11. Empire of Steel
  12. Declaration of War
  13. Heavy Metal to the End

Bloodlust (2000)Edit

Sacred Steel - Bloodlust


  1. Stormhammer
  2. The Oath of Blood
  3. By the Wrath of the Unborn
  4. Blood on My Steel
  5. Metal Is War
  6. Sacred Warriors of Steel
  7. Dark Forces Lead Me to the Brimstone Gate
  8. Master of Thy Fate
  9. Lust for Blood
  10. Throne of Metal

Slaughter Prophecy (2002)Edit

Sacred Steel - Slaughter Prophecy

Slaughter Prophecy

  1. The Immortal Curse
  2. Slaughter Prophecy
  3. Sacred Bloody Steel
  4. The Rites of Sacrifice
  5. Raise the Metal Fist
  6. Pagan Heart
  7. Faces of the Antichrist
  8. Lay Me to My Grave
  9. Crush the Holy, Save the Damned
  10. Let the Witches Burn
  11. Invocation of the Nameless Ones

Iron Blessings (2004)Edit

Sacred Steel - Iron Blessings

Iron Blessings

  1. Open Wide the Gate
  2. Your Darkest Saviour
  3. Screams of the Tortured
  4. At the Sabbath of the Possessed (The Witches Ride Again)
  5. Beneath the Iron Hand
  6. Anointed by Bloodshed
  7. Victory of Black Steel
  8. I Am the Conqueror (Come and Worship Me)
  9. Crucified in Heaven
  10. The Chains of the Nazarene
  11. We Die Fighting

Hammer of Destruction (2006)Edit

Sacred Steel - Hammer of Destruction

Hammer of Destruction

  1. Hammer of Destruction
  2. Where Demons Dare to Tread
  3. Maniacs of Speed
  4. Blood and Thunder
  5. Impaled by Metal
  6. Descent of a Lost Soul
  7. Black Church
  8. Generally Hostile
  9. Plague of Terror
  10. Sword and Axes
  11. The Torch of Sin

Carnage Victory (2009)Edit

Sacred Steel - Carnage Victory

Carnage Victory

  1. Charge Into Overkill
  2. Don't Break the Oath
  3. Carnage Victory
  4. Broken Rites
  5. Crosses Stained With Blood
  6. Ceremonial Magician of the Left Hand Path
  7. The Skeleton Key
  8. Shadows of Reprisal
  9. Denial of Judas (Heaven Betrayed)
  10. Metal Underground
  11. By Vengeance and Hatred We Ride

The Bloodshed Summoning (2013)Edit

Sacred Steel - The Bloodshed Summoning

The Bloodshed Summoning

  1. Storm of Fire 1916
  2. No God / No Religion
  3. When the Siren Calls
  4. The Darkness of Angels
  5. The Bloodshed Summoning
  6. Under the Banner of Blasphemy
  7. Black Towers
  8. Crypts of the Fallen
  9. The Night They Came to Kill
  10. Join the Congregation
  11. Journey Into Purgatory
  12. Doomed to Eternal Hell
  13. Perversions of the Scriptures (Bonus track)
  14. Unbinding the Chains (Bonus track)
  15. Dig up Her Bones (Bonus track)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Blessed By The Gods (Intro)
  2. Dark Force Lead Me To The Brimstone Gate
  3. Journey to the City of the Dreaming Dead

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