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The Invocation

This song is by Sacred Oath and appears on the album A Crystal Revision (2005).

Into the night the unsuspecting
Souls play with fire
Back into the woods where they
Began their moonlit rite
Out of the night shadows lurk
Behind every turn
Torches light the fire as their souls
Begin to burn

Armed with candles, books,& crosses
And so they think they'll call the forces
A quest to speak with the dead
What silly thoughts are in their heads

And now they move into a clearing
The leader stand - the rest are kneeling
Strike the match - the dead must sing
The long - lost souls the y hope to bring

Light the candles
Hear the bell toll the sabbath
All join hands
Let's summon our infernal friends
Read the scripture
Join in our hymn to the dead
The invocation has begun

Demons soar as souls take flight
They'll never make it through the night
Make a wish, kiss and tell
Their souls forever trapped in Hell

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