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Shadow Out Of Time

This song is by Sacred Oath and appears on the album A Crystal Vision (1987) and on the album A Crystal Revision (2005).

Before time was known to man was the shadow out of time
Before the moon was seen above was the shadow out of time
Incantations fill the air,
Now hear the tribal members cry
Feel the vengeance in their song as another savage dies

Chant by candle, pray to flame
Sun and moon remain the same
Mourn the death, a tribal boy
Now a corpse cold and tame
Dark hides terror of the night
Now enter precious holy light
Moon is high and rules the sky
No more will your people die

Shadow out of time

All rise, join hands, the invocation has begun!
By the pagan goddess and the horned one - so be it
By the flames of the underworld
They shall light our skies again
Cease darkness
This rite has ended

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