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​Magick Son

This song is by Sacred Oath and appears on the album A Crystal Vision (1987) and on the album A Crystal Revision (2005).

As the battle subsides neither power has won
Like a star falls a second son
Made in the likeness of the other,
Casting spells -
The wizard knows the ways
Black and white, highest grade
Watch him weave spell after spell

Hera my prophecy, doom shall come to thee
Perpetual night, dark must join with light

Magick Son warns us of the end
Magick Son - a bolt of light,
He does descend
Magick Son warns us of the end
Magick Son - our ways we must amend

Before the two the twin speaks his peace
Yet they frown, both in disbelief
Watch him turn earth into water

Both father and son scorn at this plea
It's been this way forever and so it shall be
Both sons prepare to fight as the
King stares on in fright
The dark one conjures up despair
Magick Son is sucked up into the air!