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Blood For The Blood God

This song is by Sabbat and appears on the album The Cautionary Tapes (2013).

The nightmare begins:
Once the mighty cities now crumbled and turned to sand
Here dwelt the old slann (the masters)
Infinite wisdom (a god given right)
To these genetic scientists forming new life
Yet these powerful beings could never have known
Their seeds of destruction were already sown

See how the void gates that held back the chaos foe
Shudder and shatter an entropy overload
Spewing forth creatures obscene machinations
Malicious entities warping creation
Then shrouded in darkness they silently wait
Counting the days till the blood god awakes

Armed with fury cloaked by night
Mutations spawned by warp stone might
Shall now go forth proliferate
To slay and conquer dominate
From their holes and caverns deep
Ten million orc and goblin feet
With hungry hearts and sharpened knives
They come to take your worthless lives

The call to arms:
"Blood for the blood god"
"Blood for the blood god"

Die chaos claims thee
Die chaos claims thee
Die chaos claims thee
Die chaos takes thy soul
Die chaos takes thy soul

Let battle commence:
Flee now in terror as darkness descends
And the forces of nature relentlessly bend
Spreading the cancer perverse permutations
Chaotic entropy warped malformations
Till where once was beauty is chaos and war
And that which was lawful is lawful no more

Underneath this sleeping city
Red eyes filled with rage not pity
Stalk our dreams with tooth and claw
And crave for human flesh to gnaw

In tattered shreds our broken ranks are swept before this flood
Of chaos creatures come to rend our flesh and spill our blood

Where are the heroes in this hour of need
Stout hearted and brave men who'll never concede
To the forces of chaos hold back their might
Who dares stand proud when the war hammer strikes?

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