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Faded Sun

This song is by Steep and appears on the album Azure (2005).

For a long time you've been gone
my life's shattered and torn
collecting the pieces
freezing cold and I frown
endless dreams haunt me down
I recognize that this is

My life, I don't know where I belong
My life, couldn't bear it 'cause this is so wrong
My life, oh please don't leave me here all alone
All right, I'll just wait for you here on my own

As I sit down and wait
my thoughts leave my mistakes
and far now they're gone
Free of grey and cold times
no more tears left to cry, won't cry

My life, Now I know where I belong
My life, couldn't handle it all on my own
My life, I'll follow you right to the top
All right, I'll be waiting for you

You, you make me feel what I want
And I know that I want it now

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