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Three O'Clock

This song is by SMP and appears on the album Crimes Of The Future (2004).

Running on a wire, mark three o'clock
And it's the killing hour, so I watch my back
Stepped in the place with the dancing grid
Dante's revenge by leaether strip
Female on the grid and I had to jock
200 PSI make the body rock
So I swiped my card and I'm ready to pimp
With the barcodes on my fingertips
Now don't step to me with that drunken lag
I'll leave your chest plate melted playing laser tag
So I gotta mack out three times a day
So what's your login name? said Pris mark eight
You see these tats, the wings on my back
The pistol on my forearm that means I strike back
Plus I'm wet-wired, so fuck the empire
Well, I feel the same, so let's go, baby

Fuck a different kind of cop, I'm not soft like Spock
29 died when my railgun popped
Now slags run for cover, these evil mothers
Creeping, drop shadows, leave your life force smothered
And you can call me "Ebersol" 'cause I spit like aerosol
With my battle vest on and my phaser off stun
Splatterpunx with a rage against the machine
I'm not waiting for god, I bomb 20
Ministries of informatik electro assassin
So bring on the cataclysm, I don't give a fuck about it
Got that black tape for a blue girl
Straight macking when I'm off-world
With the laughter in my hand, yo, I'm taking a puff
In a no-drug zone, not giving a fuck
And the black hovercraft, it creeps like a shroud
I'm not bumping out out, it's the Sounds Of Mass Production
Rolling off the streets, see the suckers try to challenge, but they can't compete


Lyrics by:

Jason Bazinet

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