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The Man Who Never Was

This song is by sHEAVY and appears on the album Republic? (2005).

Just when you think you can face it alone
Just when you think you've seen it all
Echoes of confusion keep hiding the illusion
Wasted hours and years go on and on

Some say the night is betrayed by the sun
Some say the world is never fair
Time is unforgiving and you know you've been living
In the shadows of a man who never was

Now seeing is believing
Some things will never change
The question is the answer
The words get rearranged
Now yesterday's a memory
What will you do today
If pieces of tomorrow
Are things you throw away

Not every sinner finds comfort in hell
Not every saint loves the angels they sell
Sometimes I wonder if the spell that I'm under
Leads me to the things I'll never find

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