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IMPROVER (2007)Edit

Shiho - Improver
  1. Break through
  2. Crack
  3. On your marks
  4. Naked
  5. Rebirth
  6. I will fly
  7. 星空の虹 (Hoshizora no Niji)~starry BUGE~

DIVARATS EXTENSION - the REMIX of "DIVARATS" Blasterhead VS quad (2006)Edit

Shiho - Divarats Extension - The Remix Of “Divarats” Blasterhead Vs quad
Divarats Extension - The Remix Of "Divarats" Blasterhead Vs Quad
  1. 雷鳴 (Raimei) (Blasterhead)
  2. パープルストーン (Paapuru Sutoon, Purple stone) (quad)
  3. REASON (Blasterhead)
  4. 雷鳴 (Raimei) (quad)

DIVARATS (2006)Edit

Shiho - Divarats
  1. 雷鳴 (Raimei)
  2. Get there!
  3. Purple stone
  4. ハル待ツ空 (Haru Machitsu Sora)
  5. Reason
  6. 孤独な月 (Kodoku Na Tsuki)
  7. Don't cry

Collective (2005)Edit

Kotoko - Collective
  1. Automaton by 島みやえい子 (Eiko Shimamiya)
  2. Abyss by KOTOKO
  3. IMMORAL by 川田まみ (Mami Kawada)
  4. Do you know the magic? by 詩月カオリ (Kaori Utatsuki)
  5. philosophy by Momo
  6. We Survive by KOTOKO
  7. Permit by Mell
  8. Lupe by KOTOKO
  9. Kiss the Future by SHIHO
  10. Egen by Mell
  11. Imaginary affair by KOTOKO
  12. eclipse by 川田まみ (Mami Kawada)
  13. Trust You're Truth ~明日を守る約束~ by KOTOKO
  14. Collective by KOTOKO

Out Flow (2003)Edit

Ive - Out Flow
Out Flow
  1. Heart of Hearts by KOTOKO
  2. Close to me... by KOTOKO
  3. さよならを教えて ~comment te dire adieu~ by Mell
  4. Senecio by 詩月カオリ (Kaori Utatsuki)
  5. sensitive by KOTOKO
  6. Wind and Wander by 川田まみ (Mami Kawada)
  7. Ever stay snow by SHIHO
  8. 風と君を抱いて by 川田まみ (Mami Kawada)
  9. 空を舞う翼 -Album Mix- by 島みやえい子 (Eiko Shimamiya)
  10. 砂の城 ~The Castle of Sand~ by 島みやえい子 (Eiko Shimamiya)
  11. Velocity of sound by Momo
  12. Out Flow by Mell

Disintegration (2002)Edit

Kotoko - Disintegration
  1. 涙の誓い -Album Mix- by KOTOKO
  2. flow 〜水の生まれた場所 by KOTOKO
  3. I can't get over your best smile by KOTOKO
  4. FLY to the TOP by Mell
  5. To lose in amber by 島みやえい子 (Eiko Shimamiya)
  6. resolution of soul by KOTOKO
  7. Wing my Way -Album Mix- by KOTOKO
  8. DROWNING -Album Mix- by Momo
  9. Belvedia by SHIHO
  10. 君よ、優しい風になれ by KOTOKO
  11. birthday eve by SHIHO
  12. Disintegration by Lia
  13. 王子よ -月の裏から- by 島みやえい子 (Eiko Shimamiya)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Fortress
  2. Prey
  3. World meets worlds
  4. 青く、果てなく

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